Back on move?

Alright so I started the season 0-3 and have since won 4 straight having scored the most points in 3 of 4 weeks. However, I feel like there is a move to be made on my team to really strengthen my playoff team (confident I will make 8 man plays in 12 man league).

QB: Watson and Trubisky
RB: Zeke (S), Ingram (S), L. Miller, Coleman
WR: Thielen (S), Davantae (S), JuJu (FL), Boyd, Geronimo
TE: Burton

Also, is looking at what matchups players have for the playoff weeks a smart move? And potentially trading equivalent players for someone with a better week 13-16 matchups?

Looks like you’ve put a solid team together but I’m not psyched about having Ingram as my RB2. I get that he’s got a significant role in that backfield but that’s Kamara’s backfield more weeks than not, and there won’t always be points to go around.

You’re loaded at receiver, try packaging Ingram and Juju/Boyd/Geronimo (OR Lamar Miller if you can swing it) to a depth-needy team and try to poach someone’s RB1. If no one’s biting, don’t settle just for the sake of trading. You have a good team and you’re on a good trajectory.


Much appreciated! I was actually thinking of a similar move. Thanks man!

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Ingram and Boyd for CMC? Thoughts?

Aah that’s tough. I’m a big Boyd fan. Is this PPR?

Half point. My thought is, come playoffs, I will be starting Thielen, Davantae and JuJu almost 100% certain. So Boyd and Geronimo, as great as they are, won’t ever get off the bench.

Yeah in a perfect world Boyd isn’t going to see your starting lineup, and Allison isn’t a bad fill in once he gets healthy. It’s a slight overpay but you’re getting the best player in the deal so I’m not going to discourage you from making it. Send out offers to other people to see what else you can get (It’s only Tuesday, no hurry) but if there’s nothing else I’d accept. You’d have 2 RB1s, and receiver depth is the easiest thing to replace.