Back to back help

Joined a buddies league to help him out.
Turns out it’s unique. a 16 team, best ball -8 person line up (max Qb 2, No positional requibments) and of course I drew draft position 16. What would you aim for with the back to backs position wise?
would you just be grabbing best available since there are no position requirements?

Yes best available and quite possibly a QB as you’re allowed to play 2 if i understand correctly and its a long time until you pick afterwards.

What are the scoring settings for each position group? (WR/RB/TE/QB) This should help determine priority of players or at least help with tiebreakers.

It’s wonky- 6 for tds, half ppr for RBs, full ppr for wrs, 1.5 ppr for Tes

Is this a Fantasy Cares Eliminator?