Back to Back RB?

I have the 8th pick out of 10 in a standard redraft league. In my mock drafts I’ve noticed a pretty steep decline in running back prowess by the time my 3rd pick comes back around. I’ve done a couple mocks where I’ve taken back to back RBs and then used my next two picks for WRs. So far my first four picks have been roughly Fournette, M. Gordon, Thielen, Baldwin pretty consistently. Do you guys think it’s a wrong strategy and those 2 can cover for WRs or should I stick to basics and draft someone like OBJ with my second pick?

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I wouldn’t be touching Ingram near that early, personally. I’m all for doubling up, but not for someone who’s going to miss the first 4 games. And if OBJ were in, I’d most definitely take him!

You just have to play it by ear. Both RB zero and WR zero can work depending on what values fall to you. Given how heavily people favor the Zero WR approach, sometimes that will leave some incredible value at WR for you if you’re picking late.

However, if you’re newer to fantasy, it’s likely safer to go double RB.

I rarely go into drafts with a fixed strategy as things don’t always go your way and you will have to adjust, don’t want to get trapped with a single strategy mindset.

Having said all that, there is no way I would be taking Mark Ingram in the 2nd. Way better options. Look for guys like Gordon, Cook, etc.


I meant to type Melvin Gordon, my mistake! Opinion on that though?

I meant to say Melvin Gordon instead of Ingram, my fault. I’m not new to fantasy but this is the lowest I have ever drafted so I was curious. Opinion on Fournette/Gordon

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In a standard, def!

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im in the exact same spot and have the same decisions to make and wanted to start a thread on my own!

personally at 8 i dont go rb/rb…cause if thielen is not there in the 3rd your WR1 would be in the range of ty hilton/tyreek/baldwin and i think thats a little bit thin!

i was questioning myself what combo in the worst case i really like more…
scenario 1
take the odell in the first and end up with odell&mccoy (its not likely but possible that 4 RB go till your next pick…f.e. hunt/gordon/fournette/cook)
take the best available RB in the first hunt/gordon/fournette and pair them with m.thomas/keenan allen in the 2nd!

whats your opinion on my thinking? which scenario would you like better?

I see what you’re saying. My reasoning is I personally think after the 2nd round, the running back position drops in value greatly. However, with your two scenarios I would definitely pick scenario 2. I do not think OBJ is a quality first round pick with the RBs that would be available, and there is even a chance he comes back around for round 2. I personally am going to stray from McCoy after having him last year and the Bills OL only getting worse. I think a Fournette/Hunt/Gordon and Thomas/Allen duo would be quality drafting. I’d definitely go RB first round.


ok…i like what you say…i also think mccoy would be a risk!

but i dont think obj comes back at 2.03!
if only one of the players behind us also tend to go RB/WR someone of the RB quartet (cook/fournette/gordon/hunt) would come back and someone of these four combined with obj/nuke is a little bit better in my eyes…but of course its a gamble!

on the topic of dropoff for RBs…i think in rd3/4 are some decent values left!
dont you like penny/mixon/collins as your RB2/flex?

My advise, stick with tiers. Do your mocks, see where people land, but in the end follow your tiers and you will be fine. I only do mocks so I can get an idea of who is going where so that I can make choices on who to risk coming back to me. To see if a certain year is the year to go RB heavy or WR heavy. Like this year is a fun one to go WR heavy, but I’m also not going to ignore great RBs just to run with an idea I have in my head that sounds cool ya know? So long as you are getting your values where you can, getting your trade pieces so you can make moves later, and just always going with who you have ranked higher (always is a bit strong cause situational picks are a thing) and you will end up with a solid team, or at least a solid team once you start doing trades.


IMHO if you can get OBJ in the 2nd, you take that. He is absolutely worth that pick. If you can, I would definitely consider RB - OBJ - RB - RB. However, like @BusterD says, it is better to go into the draft with tiers as opposed to positions. That way you are not blinded to opportunity (we all have been) in the midst of a draft. Especially if you have two picks close to each other, cutting down your time to process who is still available.

Exactly, I’m saying back to back RBs was something I was thinking of doing because based on the tiers I’ve kinda created in my head I feel like by round 3 there is a noticeable drop in tier. I don’t really have an agenda in my head when I want to take a certain position. I’m just not a huge fan of the RBs that come back around in round 3

Yeah some things would have to change for OBJ to come back so it isn’t likely but possible. I like Mixon the best out of all of those but I’m a firm believer in the most value coming out of RBs and I also believe there are some high quality WRs to be had into the middle rounds

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if you go with tiers than there is no way of not picking OBJ in the first if he is there!
obj clear Tier1 WR, the RBs which are left at #8 are Tier2 (melvin) or Tier3 (all others)!

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as said i don’t think he will be there after the turn, but after some discussion with others and i’m really convinced that there will be one of (fournette/hunt/melvin/cook) there!

i’m so sold on that idea having a guy who can end up as WR1 and a decent RB than 2 decent ones!

think that comes from that i like the RD 3/4 RBs…also the next rounds there are some rookie RBs with potential too! if you don’t think so i can imagine that you want to double down RBs in RD1/2.

I agree with your statement, and I personally have OBJ as WR1 in my tiers. But the original poster states he is seeing/getting OBJ in round 2. While I think that is crazy, many sites have him going 11-13 off the board which technically would have him there in the second of a 10 team league. Particularly with the poster having the 8 and 13. He would not be there in my leagues, but not all leagues are equal or value talent the same.

But in many leagues, you are spot on that he should not be there in the second if you go by tiers.

I will say that not many people I know use tiers in the draft and instead look straight ADP. ADP will tell you to take different players at different times (clearly). Combined with some people making tiers, but not blending them, it also creates different ‘curves’ for player picks.

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Yep that’s true…Totally agree with all your points!

No no I was saying in my post I was getting guys like Thielen and Baldwin in my drafts. I mentioned there were only a couple with unlikely circumstances that brought OBJ around to me. The point of my post is to ask what people though about that combination I have been consistently getting in my post at the very top lol


Yeah I agree look at my other response for what I meant to say lol

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The list you originally posted for players looks fine to me. Those look like safe plays and two of them potential to really crush it every game (Gordon and Baldwin). Gordon has some games where he goes bananas and Baldwin usually earns his bones through 4-5 games through the season. The other two are fine (clearly) and should do well, but I see Fournette as a steady producer and same for Thielen as opposed to the really ‘boom’ weeks.

As a thought, if you were not willing / wanting to take OBJ as your round 1 (if he is there in R2 it is a smash-take regardless), i would even consider a 3rd RB in your list of four players: Fournette / Gordon / Baldwin / another RB.

IMHO, I think once you get past the second-ish level of RBs, it is looking for the best upside. I do not think Thielen will win you your league, and think there are guys around there that might do as well if not better available the next couple rounds.

RB, as you noted, drops fast.

For me, and it all depends on who is actually drafted (duh!) If I went RB / RB in a 10 team, I would throw one more RB in my top 4 to make sure I have the best chance at my RBs hitting, and then pluck quality WR as the draft moves on.

Does this help more?

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