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Back-up to a stud does not equal stud


I’m fine with the one person in our league that sits around his computer 24/7 picking and sifting through junk. Sift all you want buddy. I have 3 RB1’s. Yes, good on you scavenging through the misery of others because you have no life and are up at 3 am skimming the waiver wire.

Dude has about 4 fake RB’s trying to match me. Of course he got Ware. Bring it is all I can say. Fournette’s suspension was a godsend. He got a full week of rest. Even my scrub RB’s outperform Ware and all his other troll RB’s.



It’s nice to have solid options. I’ve been rolling Gurley-Conner all year and as of late Guley-Conner-Chubb. I still picked Ware up. Hunt owner was too big of a threat not to. I hate players that are entitled though. The ones that get mad because I ‘picked a guy up and never used him’ saying 'that was ‘his guy’. “You got my guy, man…” lolz


I did get Chubb. That is the only one I got jump on that greasy eyeball loser and the only one that really mattered. I was off that day and came across it by a stroke of luck. He must have been taking a dump or something and forgot his phone or was wiping at the time. Damn near impossible to find anything of value with this guy. I snuck him with Kirkwood last week just for the fuck of it. Thing of beauty.


Not sure I understand your anger in someone else being diligent on news and picking up good players. Sure it sucks when you miss out but no need to resort to name calling.

Also, this is the reason why your league should run daily waivers from Wed - Saturday and just do away with Free Agents all together. That way everyone has a fair shot at the same players with news coming out within 24 hours so it doesn’t become a who’s lucky / who is more unemployed to get the best waivers. This was a change I made this year which was godsend.


Love this post. Got a guy like that in my league. He must have about 140 waiver moves. He adds and drops people all day long.


I’m not angry at all. Just a game end of the day but when another player tells me he is trying to hire to company that delivers a box of crap to someone to deliver to his house you get the picture.

It’s fine getting a steal but when someone gets ALL of them it’s kinda stupid. Yes, one can do that if they marry the game and have no life at all it can be done. Probably win every single year with that approach. Just stay glued to your computer all day and never leave the house and have your grandma bring you hot pockets. I get it.

Doesn’t matter though. Despite all that I still scored more points than him and am also in the playoffs so it worked out. Bring on the Sanford and Son players. I still got the real deals.


Wow, someone has some issues. I have CMC, DJ, Jones, Fournette, Cohen and now Ware. It’s called strategy and playing the game. (Edited to remove unnecessary comment)


You say your not angry but your tone and rage reflected in your write-ups paint an entirely different story. You seem pretty mad. Which is puzzling given you seem to be doing well in your leagues. Might want to take a break if someone picking up a waiver wire add pisses you off that much.


Using Fantasy Life or Sleeper Bot apps, you get important news pretty quickly.
Then you open your fantasy app and pick up whoever you want from there.
All on your phone. I don’t see where staying glued to your computer comes in.


Sounds like he is just ripping on a guy he don’t like.

I’ve had people do it to me. You make a trade they don’t like or pick up their handcuff that they were too lazy to roster and then you get vitriol like this. Par for the course in fantasy. Guys start losing an argument or lose out on something they feel is ‘theirs’ and they start firing back and making personal attacks.

I’m all for a good ball busting in the name of fantasy football but this is sort of where I draw the line personally. I’ve had people that call me a friend turn around and do stuff like that and then you really start to wonder if these are decent people at all because in the end they are calling you a friend and then trying to belittle you and break you down. Friends build each other up.

You want to talk about a stupid decision that I made in FF that didn’t work out then be merciless about it. You want to give someone that lost their job, or is having a hard time in life momentarily hell about that and call them a loser then that’s pretty messed up.


Not angry at all. I would never get angry about a game. I do however find it absurd someone would watch the waiver wire all day, all season and do things like stash 3 QB because I do not have one. I also find it funny that everything he did failed.

Despite all that, I still made the playoffs and ended up with more points. All I can say is this person takes Fantasy to a whole other level. I feel like I’m playing against the John Wayne Gasey of Fantasy and everyone else in the league feels the same exact way.


You mean he dresses up as a clown and molests/kills children in the name of fantasy? I think that’s a little hyperbolic on your part. If ‘everyone’ hates this dude so much then why even ask him back the next year or why return yourself? It sounds like you enjoy having him around more simply to make fun of the guy and whatever problems he may or may not have.


There are several different strategies to this game. Just because someone’s is different than yours doesn’t make them wrong. Just like @psychosem17 said if you have a problem with it, leave or have that person leave next year.


After sitting through so many lazy players that you have to run down to make sure they set their line up or that randomly drop out whenever they lose a few games then I would love to be going against a guy that was that diligent. I would consider it an extra added challenge.

I understand having a little bit of swagger about your team and your picks and saying ‘hey bring it on’ I built my team and I am ready, but this seems to go beyond that. This seems more like a real life vendetta or sorts than just some fantasy beef. I’m sure there is probably more to it that what we all know/see here.


It’s just an odd situation and until you have someone like this you will not understand it. No reason why I’m friends with everyone in the league and they all tell me how much they hate this dude. Even the day I joined they were complaining about him before he showed up to the draft. He’s not doing anything illegal, just creepy and dickhead moves and, it really does nothing for him. He’s not that good of a player. Just dickhead moves.


Again, then if it is ruining the enjoyment of the entire league why is he brought back? You act like he has been doing this for years so I guess his money is good then. I’m sure if he knew you were all talking about him behind his back and then saying ‘hey friend’ to his face he probably wouldn’t want to come back.

PS- I’ve been ‘that guy’ a time or two. Never ‘140 moves’, but I check the app and hop and grab a guy that is a FA if something happens after waivers has cleared and I find it to be completely fair. I’ve also had to deal with guys that get up early before work or stay up late and grab a few guys they want after waivers has cleared so it doesn’t cost them a waiver move. It’s part of the game. I find most of the time the guy that get most upset about these moves are the ones that were going to do the exact same thing only to get ‘beat to the punch’.

More power to him if he wants to do that or is in a situation where he can do that if he chooses. It sounds like you are more worried about what he is doing with his team than what you are doing with yours. If that’s even remotely the case then he’s got you. You paid your entry fee so you can run your team as you see fit. He should be allowed the same opportunity.


I hopped on the Ware hype train. I think it was the bengals game I was watching when ware got put in and he was breaking tackles, outrunning and juking players… since then I was sold. He definitely didn’t look like the player I saw in that game. Maybe it was cause he came in late in the game and hunt had already beat up on that offense. Whatever it is my expectations have been tapered.


Conner got injured on the Steelers final drive. It was only like 4 or 5 plays later that the Steelers got a 20 yard TD pass.

Conner was spoon fed 2 TDs from the 1 to start the game.

Performances were very comparable but obviously Conner was going against a much tougher opponent.


Conner also lost 5 minutes game time and had about a 25 yard run and a decent pass gain called back from holding. It could have been a lot better game, but I’ve been finding myself saying that about Conner a lot the last month.


I think there were about 5 steeler plays after his injury. So I don’t think he had much more opportunity. But fair enough with the holding call.