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Back-up to a stud does not equal stud


Samuels scored a touchdown after he went out. Who gets that pass if he is still in presumably? That’s another 8 pts or so in full pt ppr.


It was a 20 yard pass. Probably not Conner. How many of those does he get a game?


Eh you’re right. It was only 10 yards. Definitely could’ve been Conner.


It was a designed route out of the backfield. Probably not the first option.

I agree most of Conner’s passes were in the screen game or check downs.


Speaking the truth!!! Well played sir!

I agree wholeheartedly that Bobby Sylvester is a joke and has no idea what he’s talking about… EVER!

Mike Tagliere is the dude that makes that podcast, but his counterpart ruins the show and makes it impossible to listen to uninterupted without fast forwarding every time “BS” talks his BS.

Fantasy Footballers literally offer true expert advice, non-stop enjoyable shows, entertaining, funny as hell without having to try way to hard like those idiots on espn +

Special thanks to Footballers for helping me out this season. I made a few bad draft decisions but definitely fixed my team with their waiver and trade advice through the year and now entering as the 5th seed in playoffs projected as the #1 ROS!


one thing I didnt see mentioned is the fact that Oak is a division Rival those games in the NFL are always rough yea Oak is a bad Def but their best outings have been against the Chargers and Broncos, for whatever reason guys just play harder and that very well could have contributed I mean even Tyreek had a bad game only 6 PPR points 6 targets and 1 reception which is his worst catch rate of the year. that said im with you on the top 3 ranking being foolish but not so much the other statement b/c there have been quite a few late round UDFA have RB1 finishes for a year.


I like this read @MikeMeUpp but after reading this and being conner and Melvin Gordon who would
You go after, I have this weird feeling about LeSean McCoy butnhes gone now. Thanks standard league @MikeMeUpp


One of my biggest pet peeves is the assumption that a stud running back’s production simply shifts to their backup. Top 3 is asinine, and I think Ware is an above average fantasy contributor. I put him at low end RB2 given how often that offense is in the red zone, but thankfully the only league I own him in, he’s a depth piece.