Backups in case PHI sits starters

I have Jeffery and Ertz going into the finals and am worried about PHI sitting them if they lock in the #1 seed. Looking for backups just in case, but these would have to be guys in the PHI/OAK game since it is on Monday.

So looking at Trey Burton in case Ertz sits (instead of Celek?)
And I guess Torrey Smith if Jeffery sits (instead of Hollins) OR use someone on my bench in Parker, Robby Anderson, Wallace, Ginn, Nelson, Keelan Cole

Standard scoring

You’ll know if they sit starters by Saturday night, the Vikings game is the only deciding factor… if they lose Philly clinches, if they win then Philly needs to win for the 1 seed. I see Vikings winning against aaron Rodger-less packers Saturday night but the precaution is good. I also have Jeffery and Foles but if MIN loses I’m going Evans and Bortles

Right, but even if MIN wins Saturday, still won’t find out whether PHI will sit their starters until Monday. It is precautionary for sure, just trying to figure out who are the better Monday “backup” picks OR whether any of the other WR on my squad would be better to play on Sunday than a PHI backup. I would also guess that Foles plays either way to ensure he gets enough reps before the playoffs.

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Well if Minnesota wins Philly is definitely playing their starters… Philly needs to win to lock up the 1 seed if Minnesota wins. If they lose than Philly will probably on play their starters for the first half and this is coming from a lifelong eagles fan. Just have backups just in case but I think the Vikings win and all the eagles will be great options against a pourous Oakland D. I’m playing Foles and Jeffery unless Minnesota loses, then I’m playing Bortles and Evans

Oh wait…I think I got things backwards. For some reason I was thinking that PHI will sit if MIN wins - but that is backwards. Ok, I picked up Burton just in case, but yeah, money on MIN winning and PHI having to play starters for that #1 spot.

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Yeah it’s all good but I do think Philly is a great play this week. Our offense is very fantasy friendly so I was happy I was able to get Foles when I lost Wentz. We’re the type of offense to throw on 1st and goal lol and Oakland does not have a very good pass d, needs to make the trip to the east coast, and has it play in cold Monday night weather in Philly. Ride it high with your eagles and get that championship!

Hah yeah, thanks for the advice!

I had Wentz as well…but had Newton as my backup. My opponent picked up Foles for the finals.

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Haha I’m in the opposite position I have Foles and my opponent has Cam. Good luck This week!