Backups vs Handcuffs

Is it better to hold onto guys in a RBBC like R Freeman and Miles Sanders or drop for guys with potential like Mattison, Pollard (was dropped recently and I am Zeke owner, Edmunds etc.

Current RB Zeke,Conner,R Freeman,Sanders,Samuels.


Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

If these are guys you are just holding and not using, I’d prefer to hold bigger upside guys like the Pollard- Edmunds.

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I’m in the same boat when it comes to holding guys but feel like I want to hold onto a Mattison or Pollard even Edmunds

It is tough. Haven’t used Freeman or Sanders yet and always hoping for an injury to be a lead back.

Not much difference in holding a Mattison or Pollard on the bench I guess.

I’d drop Samuels for tony. 1 Pitt RB is enough

Conner seems more injury prone but I should grab Tony either way.

Now Samuels is out at least a month will drop him. Who would you say is best below

Mattison, Pollard, Edmonds

I personally think Pollard has the highest upside and me being a Saquon owner and losing out on Gallman then having him put up monster numbers…I say you should just grab pollard for the insurance. Hes proven he can do it and if your guy gets hurt you have your replacement.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Now D Johnson could be out and Gurley. Someone has Brown but not Edmunds.