Bad Bad JUJU?

I’m in a league where the league owner has it set on waivers everyday…so no game day adds , have to wait for every single player to clear waivers even ones not on rosters, We argued about this in front of the league and he pulled his power card (u don’t like it u can leave) so instead of leaving and ruining the others experience I decided to stay. I recently traded David Johnson for Lev Bell he told me I was tanking his league. He then trades Todd gurley, and 2 receivers (can’t remember who) for Juju, Keenan Allen and Royce Freeman. His matchup this week was against me and thanks to a waiver team of Valdes S, Wendell Smallwood, and Trequan I proceed to not only beat him but dismantle his newly formed squad and Todd Gurley outscores all 3 by himself talk about bad juju lmao