Bad Christian Podcast League, .5, 12 team, $25 buy in, 1 spot

Hey there! I’m a part of a league that’s associated with the Bad Christian Podcast. We had one member drop out of the league last minute and we’re looking for someone who is familiar with the podcast or the band(s) connected to it. You definitely DO NOT need to be connected with any religious group, but if you like alternative/ hardcore bands like Emery, then you’ll fit right in. Our draft is this Thursday, Aug. 29th at 8:30pm EST. Draft order is set, you’ll be drafting from the 6th position. First come, first serve!

Other info:

$25 buy in (75% 1st, 25% 2nd)
.5 PPR
12 Team
ESPN Platform
FAAB waivers
Snake Draft
QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX, DEF, K + 7 Bench


Great! I’ll email you and if you’re in, you’ve got the spot!.