Bad Commissioner

I want to give everyone a warning to never play fantasy football with @FantasyGinger he nuked the league after week one just because he didn’t like the trash talk and to be fair it did go over board but after me and my two friends where asked to stop we did but he want to get back at us i guess

Aww @eldeano85 looks like no one cares haha with the bullshit trade your buddy tried to pull on draft night I should have nuked it then I should have nuked it after the bullshit golladay trade two trades between you and your buddies got vetoed before the season even started by the team I nuked it four other managers had messaged me about removing them because they were annoyed by your and your two friends there was no league at that point due to your actions previously mature and join again next year

I wasn’t aprt of any of the trades your talking about and its not like they where that bad your just spiteful

Get off your high horse

And any way if you hated the league so much why didn’t you just leave and let someone else be comish