Bad Grades.... H E L P

Bonjour, got bad grades for my team but i am happy with my guys. 12 Team / Standard
QB Rivers
RB D Freeman, Lynch, Michel, A Jones, Powell
WR OBJ, Doug Baldwin, Goodwin, R Anderson, John Ross, G Allison
TE Reed (got him late, normaly i stream TE)

What do you think, is my team really that bad?

Thanks Tom

I think it’s a solid team, while probably not the best. If Reed gives you 12 healthy games, that could definitely put you in the top 4/5 category. If Baldwin and Reed contribute near their ceiling, than it could be a really good team.

I say a B/B+.

Was it on Yahoo? They tend to give out bad grades based on their projections which is wrong alot. I wont sweat it. Its a good team

Draft grades are trash. you’ve got a solid foundation with that team. just tend to it every week. keep up on waivers and you’re a contender.

Can’t help but to feel your pain @TomAustria. I’m not REAL upset by my team, BUT…LOL…you always tend to think about WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN after the draft. Here’s who I got :

QB’S: Russel Wilson & Alex Smith

RB’S: Gurley, Lamar, Dion L, Tevin C, Marlon M

WR’S; Dav Adams, Mike Evans, Chris Hogan, Kupp, Stills

TE: Doyle, Clay



Not the best, but potential and do-able. But still can’t help but wondering what I might need to do to fix it. LOL

AND…I was desperately hoping to get Rivers as my back-up!!!

Thanks a lot guys!

And @Ilc your team is very strong… Gurley, Wilson, Adams… you made a very good draft

The grades are from (dont know why we play there) and fantasy pros.

I got a C- for my team (worst in draft) on Yahoo platform.
Gordon, Hunt, Lewis, Cohen, Clement
Cooper, Hill, Jones Jr, Kupp, Cole
Trey Burton

Their rating system sucks

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@embiqioused dude imo your team looks fantastic. Yahoo is wack

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I sure hope you’re right. And thanks buddy!!!

all rosters here look just fine. ratings are not worth anything, and are not based on potential. just where things are right now. if you draft ingram and edleman (for illustrative example), you get worse grades even though they might be worth it down the road. do not worry about he ranks and enjoy your roster.