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Bad karma - Edelman and Ware


So, I was feeling pretty good about my draft, until about the 14th round where we learned that Ware and Edelman both have knee injuries. Lucky me… I had just drafted them both :persevere:

So, with 1 IR spot available, do I just slide Ware in there and hope he makes it back? Is there any reason to keep Edelman around taking up bench space?



Put Ware on the IR and wait to see if Edelman has an acl tear, if it is just drop him.


I agree with the above. Initial team opinions aren’t always correct. Wait for the MRIs.


Edelman is out for the season. Try to grab hogan


You can keep ware around but if he’s out for too long I’m not positive he ever gets his starting job back with Hunt looking good.


big fat bummer…i would definitely drop edelman…i would not rush to draft hogan, i think there will be much better players on the ww than him…you can still win, so don’t give up!


I personally think Hogan is going to be a steal. He won’t take Edleman’s role, they’re different players, but I do think he’ll get a lot more snaps (basically all of them, since he’s now the number 2, and presumably has more of a report with Brady than Cooks could at this point) and therefore targets. I also think he’s a very underrated player in general. They call him 7-11 for a reason.


@DFWB You have to remember Amendolla is there also and he is a slot guy. Yes I do think Hogan can be helpful but I don’t think 1 person will benefit therefor not worth fantasy appeal except super deep leagues because 2-3 people will take his spot not just 1. Does help Gronk and Cooks though for sure.


@Swingshot64 Amendola is a slot receiver, but that’s where his similarities to Edelman end. I don’t expect him to come near the 158 targets Edleman got last year, even if he somehow plays 16 games. Hogan is the number 2 in 2 WR sets. I think he gets a sizeable uptick in targets as a result (also not 158, but 100+ is a real possibility).


@DFWB I agree about Amendola what I am saying is if he steals 50-60 of those targets Along with 30-40 of them going to Gronk and Cooks it wont leave you with much. I do agree that Hogan will get more targets but also Michael Mitchel is there too who is having a great camp. I am saying unless you are in a 14-16 team league I don’t think the consistency will be there to trust one of them. Obviously one could emerge and go off I just feel with the Patriots they never really have that “one” guy they spread it a lot.


I think Hogan easily gets 100 targets. That’s a steal late.