Bad luck to start the season.. now JuJu

Team is 0-2, I’ve lost to the highest scorer both weeks. JuJu was my WR1, now I’m concerned. Roster is below, any idea on what I should do?

Any thoughts here?

Bump bumping bump

Well FFS get Anthony Miller off your team for someone who might actually do something. Other than that your team is stacked. Don’t panic. The bad luck will not continue.

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Be patient because you have an all around good team. Work that waiver wire!

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Appreciate the feedback guys. It’s a 12 team league so all teams are a bit stacked, I’m currently the 5th or 6th highest in points scored.

Will work waiver wire, and look for buy low candidates! Trading is my biggest weakness haha

I know. My league know I love trading and was just offered D Adams, Carson, and Carr for Evans, Brady, and Henry

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Should I dump Dion as well? Guys like Jamaal Williams are on the wire