Bad RB Situation


I have a big Problem with my RBs this weekend (thank you Browns…)
I have Melvin Grodon (questionable), James Conner (Bye), Aaron Jones (Bye), J. Richard (Bye) and Carlos Hyde, who is just been traded…

My Trade Requests have all been rejected. So I have to pick up at least one RB…
“Best” Option available are Blount, Hines, Morris, Mostert, Blue. I think about Blount and Hines.

It’s a standard league.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

If possible I would try to trade for Murray or Yeldon. Two guys that have great value this week but not worth much after this week. Cost should be fairly low to get one.

Otherwise I think Hines would be the safest as far as volume.

I feel you best options is blout or mostert. :nauseated_face: but being its standard I don’t think Hines will be good choice since mack is back and hes going to be the 1,2 down back so Hines is going to the passing back