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Bad start, should I tarde?


Sitting 1-3 with this team in my 8man league… Zeke worrries me and I need a WR3 that’s more consistent… should I be looking to do this tarde? Or do I try and trade Zeke and keep mixon?


ABSOLUTELY NOT. You should just stay put. You’ve got a great team.


that trade would ruin your team. Also i’d recommend finding a 10 or 12 man league. 8 man is garbage


I’m in 2 10 man and a 12 man league… this is just my league with my best buds


I have James Conner and Karryon as my backups would that change your minds?


Not for me. I was going to say just how against this trade I was. But who knows, IS joe mixon going to finish with more points, starting now, then Sony michel? To tell the truth I’ve got no idea. No one does. It’s not like Sony isn’t a great talent on a great team, he absolutely could. And if your playing for fun go with whatever you think the most likely outcome. Ty, well he’s better than sanders I think it’s safe to say (but then again who knows) go with what you want to do. But if it was me, for my team, I personally would not do this.


Yea i would be playing TY over Golden Tate and Golloday in my lineup… I’m a pats fan so I really hope Michel is better hahaha