Bad trade offers

Does anyone else get ticked off when an owner sends you a bad offer then tries to explain to you why it’s good. Like I haven’t done my own research! I’m not saying having a discourse about trades is bad, but don’t try to gaslight me.

Almost everyone wants something for nothing…I admit I have sent some bad offers, but it’s not to try to get one over on the other guy; I just don’t always know how other guys might value players…I am ok with not getting the best player or “winning” the trade by other people’s standards, as long as I make my team better.

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It’s easy to get frustrated with actual bad offers. Just reject, say your piece and/or move on.

Sometimes the best way to deal is send them a ‘bad’ offer back. Something that helps to highlight your difference in value. As an example, if I receive an offer for my Gurley in return for their Damien Williams and Sony Michel - to me that’s a bad offer. I might send back Gurley for Michel, 2 firsts, and M Thomas. Not that I expect them to accept. But it clearly demonstrates where I value that player.

In some cases people value players differently or are factoring in different things. If we all thought the exact same there would be no trading. This is why getting mad at bad trade offers is silly. Again, easy to do. Been there myself. Takes practice and experience to let it go.

I guess “ticked off” was not really what I meant. More like annoyed. And specifically when I have made it known I’m not interested or that we are no where near each other on how a player is valued. It’s fine to try and lowball someone but recognize when you have been called on it and make a real offer. Don’t double down and try to convince the other person they are wrong.

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I used to get annoyed like this, mainly because i took it personally like, you think im dumb dont you…

You have to over look that. Everyone wants the best possible deal they can get, and every player has different value to each owner. i have seen so many trades that i couldnt believe were accepted.

I also find that in dynasty leagues, many owners only think about current value and not future value. There are many factors that can effect trade value.

If this is a dynasty league, just remember to not come off as an asshole because you will need to deal with these people in the future. As fun4willis said, explain to them you value of the players involved.

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I don’t get upset. There is nothing wrong with trying. If they are doing their job and you aren’t doing yours then they might be able to pull off a deal that way, or I might too so it’s fair play. I can see where it could be annoying if everyone in the league is an experienced player as opposed to a casual league, but there is nothing wrong with selling what you have. It’s a tangible skill.

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What would you rather them do? Just send the offer with no reasoning? Regardless of how “bad” or “lopsided” a trade offer is, I appreciate when an owner sends me an offer with a breakdown of how they view the trade. Maybe they see something I didn’t think of before. If anything, at least I can get a sense of how they value their own guys so I can hopefully counter and get value somewhere.