Bad Trade?

I sent a trade last night to a guy in my league: I’d trade away Mark Ingram and get Jay Ajayi. The news broke out that AP was getting traded to the Cardinals but he already accepted the trade. Should I have stuck with Ingram? It’s half point PPR.

I personally would take Ajayi. He’s got no threat behind him and their distractions are now gone and was all off field. Should be a lot better going forward. Also I have Kamara and love the looks of what he’s doing. Just my 2 cents but I would rather have Ajayi

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Ajayi is better. You did well son.

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Thank you! Yeah Kamara looks like he’s gonna be great this year!

Haha awesome, thanks!

Peterson was playing no role in the offense, he might as well have been gone already like 2 weeks ago. It was a good trade.

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That’s a good point! Thanks!