Bail on Luck?

12 team .5 ppr. Currently 1-5 and battling for playoff spot. Have Luck on IR and just streaming QBs. Worth dropping Luck to stash Corey Davis instead?

Roster: RB: Anderson, Freeman, Ingram, L. Murray, Ellington

WR: Dez, John Brown, Fuller, Snead, Marvin Jones, Shepard

Can you add a player directly to the IR spot? In my league the guy needs to be on my active roster first.

If you can add directly to IR it’s a toss up at best so go with your gut.

My IR was empty so I just dropped Snead to put in Davis and I’ll try to add Snead back when he clears waivers.

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Not if you have a free IR spot. Otherwise I’d say so.

Hey @Patrick19626 and @RyanDelaney, side note I dropped Snead to put Davis in my IR and noticed Chris Ivory was on waivers so I snagged him and the Fournette owner is pinging me for a trade!

If things work out well and given Fournettes history of foot problems by reading and responding to this post I could have actually done something right in this league!

I say that because I panic dropped Ingram when he was on bye to pick up Snead when OBJ went down because I was thinking the only way Ingram was going to do something was if something happened to AP, then he got traded and Ingram’s a star.

Then last week I saw that someone dropped Doug Baldwin so I couldn’t pass him up and I could either drop Marlon Mack or Derrick Henry and the only way Henry would do anything is if something happened to Demarco and yup boom tweaked hammy means Henry will win someone a few weeks.

And on top of it all I only got 25% of my FAAB left so I couldn’t win the studs I stupidly dropped.

But at least I got Chris Ivory and hopefully I can get some value for him!

And I got Davis in my IR spot so that’s promising as well.

Sorry for venting!

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Ouch, that’s a bummer man. I’ve been eyeing Ivory myself on the waiver wire in a couple leagues. That would be a good move.