Bailing early on Stefon Diggs

Looking to bail on Stefon Diggs, as I also have Thielen and am very worried about their passing attack.

Send: Diggs + Miles Sanders

Receive: Cooper Kupp

Should I pull the trigger on this one?

What’s your RB situation look like?

You’re giving up a lot because I think Diggs and Kupp are very similar (WR10-15 most weeks) but you’re also giving up an RB that could, once he gets full workload, be a RB1

0.5 PPR

RB’s without Miles Sanders are:

DJ, Bell, Malcolm Brown, Hyde, Mattison, Gio

I agree it’s a slight overpay. But I’m in one of those leagues where people don’t trade unless its a perceived overpay.

I also have Thielen, and week one has me very concerned. Don’t want to have two options on a team throwing less than 15 times a game.

I just want off this ride early, don’t see this being a great year for Diggs, while Kupp can provide some consistency

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dj and bell? i think your set so you could afford to lose sanders