Baker Mayfield or Alex Smith?

QB: Mayfield/Smith
RB: M. Gordon
RB: J. Howard
WR: Tyreek Hill
WR: J. Gordon
TE: Trey Burton
D/ST: Chargers @SEA
K: Matt Prater

I have Luck on bye. With Baker I’m worried about all the coaching changes, plus its going to be a windy day in Cleveland. And his pass catches are all nursing injuries. The game should be a high scoring game though.

Alex Smith is the least exciting QB in fantasy, but he will get a decent amount of points. No other decent QB’s available. I’m playing the 2nd place team, I’m in 3rd. I can move back into 1st with a win, and all but guarantee my team a playoff spot with a win. Which QB would you choose???

Mayfield. Smith has no one to throw to.

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My opponent benched Big Ben, he picked up Smith and played him instead. If I picked Smith up I would have lost, what are the chances of that, haha.