Baker or Mitch this week?

I have Wilson on bye this week. Who do you all like more Baker @TB or Mitch at home vs NE. Thoughts?

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In a delimma like this , Always go for the Home QB!

Baker. TB is the worst defence in the league and just fired their defensive coordinator, so they should be in a confused transition. If Baker is going to explode he will do it now.

New England’s D has been very good at limiting QBs this year and Trubisky’s numbers the last two weeks scream regression.

With Rogers out I had to make the same choice (also considered Flacco) and went Baker.

IDK, Mahomes, Luck, Bortles all roasted them. Stafford had a fine game against NE as well.

Looking at the stats New Englands actually had more blow up games against them then I realized. Still would prefer Baker though. He might literally have the best match up of the entire year for any quarterback.