Baker over Cousins?

You guys playing Baker over Cousins??

here are my thoughts on each

Cousins has been flat recently but always has the chance to throw for 300+ and 2+ tds. Seattle defense has looked softer on QB since week 8, averaging around 20FPG to opposing QBs .

Meanwhile, Baker has for sure been turning it over but getting 2 or more TD’s in all but 3 weeks as a starting QB, and only 1 since Week 8. Panthers defense has looked softer than the Seattle has in same time span (since week 8), averaging around 22FPG to opposing QBs.

With all that said, who do you trust more in your first week of playoffs??

bored at work and bumping this guy

I’d take Baker tbh. Cousins on the road is unsettling, especially Seattle; he is way too up and down for me.

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Roll with Mayfield. Dude is fearless and will keep slinging no matter what. Cousins, he looks great for a while and then some goofy sack, fumble or drop always seems to stop him on the verge of glory and he never recovers.

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Mayfield has the way better match up. I would personally take Mayfield.

Ballers talked about how Cousins will probably put up a lot of yardage on Seattle .

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Yeah, im just glad im not alone in my thinking. Most people have Baker ahead of Cousins, but nice to see all the ballers on the same page.

what about Mayfield over Wilson???

I scooped Mayfield for the post season matchups but wilson can always come to play. Thoughts??

Baker’s got my vote here.

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