Baldwin and AP for Ajayi, good trade? Make me feel better possibly

What do you guys think of this trade? I have Julio and AB so not really a huge need for Baldwin plus it secures me in case Zeke gets suspended through playoffs. Did I make the right choice?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Eh, idk. I’m not sure I’d prefer Ajayi over AP ROS and Baldwin is a big piece to give up. I don’t think I’d have done this trade.

That’s what I’m thinking now after said and done. Got excited over the trade and figured I’d be fine ROS with Julio and AB. Didn’t really have a need for AP though.

Yeah, unfortunately I think you’re on the losing side here. I traded away joe mixon for emman sanders last week and am still upset about it.

On the bright side though, Ajayi can be a good start from now on and ap gives you some depth.