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Baldwin/Clement for Cooks/Cohen


I’ve been offered the above trade, I would get the Cooks and Cohen side. There are picks involved too, I also get a 2019 2nd and give 2019 3rd and 2020 1st - thoughts on this trade?

My RBs - Zeke/Guice/CJ/Breida/Barber
My WRs- Allen/Crowder/Miller/Kirk/Ross/Chark
12 team 0.5 PPR dynasty


He’s also offered Cohen and a 2019 2nd for Clement and a 2019 3rd FYI


I would not take this trade in its current state. Baldwin is already your number 2. Cooks will probably be third behind woods and kupp in targets for Rams. Clement will break out big time this year particularly in the PPR format. Future picks are nice but not is you are trying to win now and worry of build up later. Cohen may be a good sleeper but Bears have a new Coach (Naggy) that is offensive minded. He will either pump up Howard or give more to Cohen. Baldin and Clement are knowns in their current postions.


Yeah I was of the same mind, Baldwin in PPR is ahead of Cooks by a decent margin for me. I like Clement a lot this year and I have the depth to wait for him to take more of the backfield and if he doesn’t no harm I grabbed him super late. The guy after Clement is the Ajayi owner so I’m going back and forth trying to get him to tilt and overpay. His other main RB is Mixon so if he struggles and Ajayi falls off in Philly he’s in a bad spot. I think I’ll hold on to Clement for now, if the hype train ever got out of control though (unlikely but you never know) I’d try for a kings ransom


Don’t think it’s worth it. I think having to give up that 2020 first is the tipping point for me. Too many question marks with cooks and although I love cohen, that’s a hefty price draft pick wise. Plus you could make the argument clement has quite a bit of upside too, possibly as much as cohen long term.


Cooks’ value is in the toilet. I’d definitely pass.


Baldwin and Clement are the much stronger side of this. Baldwin is better in the WR space to me, and Clement is a better future RB. I think Cohen is talented and I like him, but I think Clement has a bright future when his number gets called.

The picks are also not in your favor, so you would be paying too much for the lesser trade.

I would pass on this trade.


This second trade is closer to right for me, but I would probably still pass. I do like Clement a lot (as noted) and think that Cohen is super talented, but I see him as more a gadget guy. He is better than that sounds, but I think they will ‘invent’ ways to keep him used. Clement has a clearer path. But you would get a better pick.

In PPR, Cohen gets a bounce.

I could see this as something to consider, but I do not feel it is something that you should jump on. If for no other reason than you just do not need it. Not with the roster you posted.


Thanks for the replies all, you’ll be pleased to hear that i do agree with all the points and passed on the trade/trades offered above. If things shake out in camp in my favour vs the guy after Clement I’ll consider a trade if i can get him to panic buy and over pay for a running back but otherwise as @octoberland mentions i’m fairly set so don’t have a major need to trade right now