Baldwin doubts

So I drafted Doug Baldwin but I’m having some doubts on his potential for this season. I want to trade him away. What are some reasonable trade targets I could go for. For Baldwin

I also have Marvin Jones, amari cooper, Allen Robinson.

Everyone knows about these concerns so I think trading him at his lowest value is not the right move.

I drafted him in all of my leagues and I am still happy with it, and in fact I would be trying to trade for him with some low-ball offers.

From what I have read Baldwin has been playing “hurt” for a long time, I still believe he will have a solid season.

Of course I could be wrong and under valuing his own knee concerns, so if its possible try to Target other Tier 4 WR’s such as Landry, Hilton, Tate or Hill

I am in the same boat.

I don’t think you trade him for lesser value straight up. At this point you just hope for the best because of the volume available in the Seattle offense with Graham, Richardson, etc leaving and his rapport with Wilson.

I was able to successfully package him and Conner together for Larry Fitzgerald to the owner that had Bell in one league so look for some sort of angle like that in order to get value.

I have him with Tyreek Hill as my two starters in a PPR. Im nervous, but glad to see he was a full participant in practice today. I’d stick with him.