Baldwin for A.jones trade

Who wins this trade? or is it even

Even. Whether you take this or not though depends on your team. Jones will have the highest ceiling each week

in standard

how about in full PPR

I believe Baldwin will be hands down the better player even though the Seahawks offense hasn’t been great, the packers backfield will just be too messy and I don’t want any part of it. Another positive about Baldwin is that without graham being there Baldwin is bound to get more touchdowns than last year.

yea i like baldwin, but my RB situation is bad LOL.

I have fournette, cmc, breida, clement, and chubb lol

As for my WR i have theilen, diggs, baldwin, Cole, Jordy

Allison is on WW should i swap him out for chubbs or jordy?

Mccafrey and breida will Ben fine options until fournette is back, in my opinion.

“IF” breida plays LOL … i will be f’d … Some guy wasted faab on hines and then dropped him SMDH. now he is stuck on waivers , wont be able to play him tommorow i believe.

And I wouldn’t worry too much about Allison, your receiving core looks great. I would try to trade theilen or diggs with fournette in order to get a great running back if you still think you need to improve your running game.