Baldwin for Allen

I don’t need to play Baldwin this week - standard scoring would you trade Baldwin for Keenan Allen?

I have OBJ, Green and Landry as my WRs.

Absolutely, take it and run. Looking at Baldwins schedule, he has a lot of tough matchups coming and you know that means they are going to run it. Get Allen before he blows up.

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This is my thinking, i’m trying to get the Allen owner talking he just lost his third straight and now Allen is on bye i’ll go for it thanks man!

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Yeah, I have been able to do fine while Keenan has struggled early. I know he is going to boom soon and Im just ready to catch the fire.

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I was pleased he had a quiet week so i could target him now, guy only had 1 active WR this week and is playing the highest scoring team, not much on the wire at all so i’m hoping he thinks he’s robbing me and take the trade asap lol.

I actually think he may have dropped him as he’s been hit hard by the bye weeks this week but i’ll never get him from waivers i’m too high up the priority chain so i’ll try and buy

After last week I traded Hill, Baldwin and Sony for Allen and Elliott because I think Allen is going to go off soon.

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If you are on ESPN, don’t worry about him dropping him, he cant.

NFL and Allen’s not on the list right now but thanks for heads up though.

Okay sent a trade and reached out, i’ll see how i get on

Update - he took the deal, Allen rounding out my WR core with OBJ, Green and Landry feel pretty good about them now. Thanks for input guys