Baldwin for Hilton?

Just got offered Doug Baldwin for TY Hilton straight up 1/2 pt ppr. Injury makes me nervous, but TY always makes me nervous. Thoughts?

Hilton all day

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Before the press conference I would of laughed at an offer like this but now I’d probably take it. I am also stuck with Baldwin. Really hope he surprises week 1 so I can find him a new home and collect some value back

Hilton is the safer choice in my opinion and may have more upside if Andrew luck stays right

Baldwin has been playing hurt for several years, nothing to see hear I don’t think. I prefer Baldwin. With that said I don’t think I would trade for him though, TY is solid and that team will have to play from behind a lot. The only thing is will Luck stay healthy behind that awful line.

I like Hilton way better.

Sans injury, this isn’t close. Baldwin by a mile. With the injury… it’s close.

I have Baldwin in a .5 PPR and I wouldn’t take Ty for him. Baldwin has been playing hurt for years and look at his numbers. Ty’s would probably be identical if Luck hadn’t been hurt. Essentially it’s an equal trade. They’re both about the same caliber in my eyes. But I do like Baldwin’s TD potential more than Hilton’s.

As you can see, this is one is a toss up.

I personally drafted Hilton over Baldwin, in a 12 team half PPR, so I favor Baldwin.


  1. With a healthy Luck, Hilton has the upside of top 8. Include the fact the TD vacuum of Moncrief, during Luck’s last healthy year, is on the other team.
  2. Lockett just signed a huge deal, which makes me think there is some things we might not know about Baldwin’s injury and status for this year. I think he plays, but possibly on a limited snap count.

There are two main factors here for me. Baldwins injury is a lingering concern. Yes, he’s play injured before but that doesn’t mean it makes him an optimal choice. Secondly, with Luck back TY is significantly better. He pulled off some crazy games last year with a terrible QB. He’s the way to go right now imo.

Good problem to have, but I like Hilton. Personally I’d like to watch Baldwin and see how he does. I dont know what to think from his last press conference. It’s his agility that gets him open and his knee is concerning. I’m debating btw Baldwin and Lynch right now for a flex spot in a standard league. So I’ve given Baldwin’s condition some serious thought.