Baldwin for Hyde? PLEASE HELP PPR Wr's and Rb's listed below

I know that Baldwin has more value than Hyde, but specifically for my team i have to consider because i need a RB. Hyde is coming up on a week 11 bye and a rough schedule thru the playoffs. Baldwin also has a bad playoff schedule. If not Baldwin should i counter with another one of my WRS? PPR scoring, 2 RB’s 3 WRS and a FLEX

WRs: Brandin Cooks, Diggs, Tate and Baldwin
Rbs: Mccoy, Drake, Buck Allen and Dion Lewis

So as you can see i do need some help at RB. Is Baldwin too much for hyde? All of my WRS are WR1 in my opinion.

update working on a deal for Jordan Howard straight across for Doug Baldwin. Any thoughts for that?

See if you can sell high on Buck Allen, maybe package him with one your WR to get a better RB in return?

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nobody will bite on Buck Allen, unfortunately. Very experienced league. Hyde is a top 5 back in PPR scoring this year. Still on that 0-9 squad i worry that Brieta will cut into the workload end of season. But i obviously do need a RB. STUCK. Who would you recommend i trade for?

Or see if theyd take a package of Buck and Tate or Diggs for Hyde.

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I think i might be able to trade Tate or Diggs straight across for Hyde. If i was able to do that, would you guys think that’s a good straight across?

I would rather do that then Baldwin by a long shot. I’d lean toward trying to trade Diggs over Tate as Tate has been a little more dependable and less injured.

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About to update the thread because i’m gaining some interest in Baldwin straight across for Jordan Howard. Would you lean towards that trade if i can get it done?

I don’t think I would do Baldwin. I would try Diggs honestly. Injury prone and who knows who is QB will be or how well they will do. If you do want to ship Baldwin, try and get Jordan Howard or something. I honestly would probably rather have Mixon than Hyde at this point. Hyde was peppered with targets last game and has been serviceable for PPR, but I think SF starts working Breida into the mix a little more to see what they have for next year.

I would definitely do Diggs for Hyde or Baldwin for Howard. In that order.

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My thoughts exactly. I would never consider this but my RB2 spot is BAD. I’m going to offer him Diggs and Buck Allen for Hyde-- after i hear back on my Baldwin for Howard deal. If the Howard owner doesnt bite i’ll see what i need to do for Hyde. Holding Baldwin for now. Thanks for the help clan

No problem. Best of luck.