Baldwin help

With Baldwin down who should I target off waivers: Lockett, B. Marshall, Geronimo, Ginn or Enunwa?

Appreciate it

if those are your options I think I would go for


Enunwa might be a fluke but to be honest Darnold threw 21 passes last night and 1 target went to Robby Anderson. Quincy saw 10 targets. 48% target share

Appreciate it…I was thinking the same thing with Enunwa, but looks like Darnold seems to have a lot of confidence in him. But i’ll take the Lockett/Wilson experience.

I’d use a little bit of caution on Enunwa. The Jets saw the weakest point in DET’s secondary was on him, so they showered him in targets. The Lions D played atrociously, but their #1 CB Slay is a great player so I think while he was following Robbie Anderson around, they went elsewhere. Enunwa’s production was solid, but I don’t know that I’d read that game as a sign of things to come all season. Lockett would be my choice in pickup. (I have Baldwin as well and wish Lockett was available.)

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