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Baldwin, Hill, Diggs, Parker: Bench one!


Hey everyone!

This is a 14 team PPR, and need to pick ONE to bench:

Doug Baldwin
Tyreek Hill
Stefon Diggs
Devante Parker

I lock in Baldwin and Diggs in my head, and cant decide to either bench Hill or Parker. I may be a bit bias towards Baldwin (go seahawks!), but I think the consistency of targets for Baldwin and Diggs is there. My debate seems to be the big play upside of Hill vs. the targets Parker should get against a terrible TEN defense.

HELP! :smiley:


This may not be a popular response, but I’m going Hill. I love his upside and the way he was under utilized last game, you know andy reid is gonna take care of that.

Also, that’s a 14 team league?? Jesus.


Somehow, yes it is. lol. I wont complain with how these other dudes drafted :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah I benched him last week also, and was a good call, but its such a toss up for me every week between hill and parker! thanks for the reply!


I’d bench Hill. Parker has a great matchup… and even if he didn’t, you know that won’t stop Cutler from throwing the ball to him. :slight_smile:


#truth. lol