Baldwin/Kerryon vs. Adams/ CJ Anderson

need PPR dynasty trade help:

trading for: D. Baldwin, Kerryon Johnson
trading away: D. Adams, C. Anderson

Other RBs, David Johnson, A. Kamara (Strength)
Other WRs, J. Gordon, C. Hogan, D. Parker, M. Lee (Weakness)

2 RB, 3 WR, 2 FLEX

Honestly i love the trade

for who lol?

Prefer the Adam’s side of that deal. Even though I love Kerryon.

Not sure why you’d trade away your top WR when your whole cast is pretty weak.

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Adams alone is more value than Baldwin and Kerryon.

If you’re a big believer in KJ, then it’s a so so deal, but You’re trading away the best player in the deal to get older at receiver and build on an already strong part of your roster(RB).

I would say no, but again, depends on how bad you want KJ.

i dont see the point in the trade. you get older at WR, although i do like baldwin right now. him and adams are close for me this year. but i wouldnt do a trade straight up with those 2. and youre giving up a guy who will get you production now, for a guy you would have to wait on for probably a year to really catch on. granted with DJ and Kamara you can wait him out but if you get injured somewhere it leaves you weak. so unless you have some other hot deal to fix your WR core that is dependent on this trade, i just dont do it.


Your RBs are fine. I do prefer Kerryon over CJ at this point but like Adams a lot more than Baldwin. Kerryon wont start nor will CJ. Keep Adams

No chance I trade Adams. It would take a lot more than that at least. He is 25 and has Rodgers. Baldwin has 1 huge year, which seems to be a distant thought, though I do like Doug a lot, I just think that he is on the backside of his prime where as Adams isn’t really even to his prime yet. You don’t need a RB