Baldwin or Baldlose

Gotta pick two of the four to start in a PPR.

Tyreek @ LAC
Baldwin @ DEN
Sanders v. SEA
Marvin Jones v. NYJ

Tyreek for sure, and I was leaning Baldwin, but I’m not sure about it against Denver’s defense and he might not be 100%. Sanders and Jones both have pretty favorable matchups.

Hill and Baldwin for me.

This is one week where I might favor Sanders over baldwin. Also wouldn’t oppose Jones. I would rank as follows:

Sanders > Jones > Baldwin for this week only cause Baldwin draws Harris. Who is probably the best slot CB in the league.

EDIT: I literally just thought of this btw. it’s really close. Earlier on in the day, I was leaning Baldwin over sanders.

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I agree, normally I wouldn’t even question it. But when i listened to the podcast today it got me thinking about it, and I think Sanders is the play. But Jones is interesting too.