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Baldwin or Ekeler


.5 PPR. Need one in the FLEX. Already have Gordon in the lineup too. Both have home games. Baldwin vs. Rams in what could be some garbage time numbers or Ekeler vs. OAK who could get some quality time if the Chargers route the Raiders like they should.


Baldwin. Wilson gonna throw 50+ times.


@MikeMeUpp are you worried at all about Baldwin popping back up on the injury report? Or is that something you’ll play by ear over the next couple days?


Yeah ofcourse i’m worried. That’s why i faded Baldwin everywhere. Only own like 1 share of him across 14 leagues. Going to monitor it and see what happens. They need him bad and they going to be chasing the rams from behind all game.


Yeah. This is my first year playing fantasy and Baldwin taught me not mess with drafting someone with an injury. Rookie mistakes, I suppose.


Def agree on going with Baldwin. I see the Chargers game actually being a pretty close, high scoring affair. Regardless, I’d play Baldwin anyway as the #1 receiver for SEA and Russell’s favorite target for a long time now. Regardless of him dealing with the injury.