Baldwin or Howard

I’m torn. I still need a kicker for this week, so here’s my issue. I can play Jordan Howard vs. MIN and drop Baldwin for a kicker tomorrow if he doesn’t play well tonight. Or, I can play Baldwin against GB tonight and be forced to drop either Ito Smith or Josh Adams for a kicker this weekend. It’s 0.5 PPR.

I have no issue dropping Baldwin at this point. Smith and Adams are expendable as well


So which would you play this week? Howard?

Yeah… I don’t think he is saying you should play a guy he has no issue dropping… Some stats to sell you on not starting Baldwin. He was in 98% of snaps last week (90% the last 3 weeks), more than any other receiver on the team. He gets an average target percentage of around 20%. Not bad, but that comes out to 4 targets a week, and his average yards per target is around 12 yds, with 3.3 YAC.

With Seattle not throwing the ball, and him not running long routes like Lockett he has a really low ceiling and an inconsistent floor, week 8 he missed one of his 3 targets and then ended at 3.6 pts at .5 ppr.


HWow. That’s some next gen stats there. Looks like I’m forced to play Howard. Golley gee, it feels so bad putting him in my lineup against the Vikings though. Ugh…

@Cybrin is correct. Plug Howard and just hope he falls in the end zone… twice


BALDWIN!!! 5 catches on 8 targets for 30 and a TD halfway through the 2nd…bah!!! At least he’s still on my bench and I hadn’t dropped him yet.