Baldwin or Reynolds RoS? PPR, redraft

I just picked up Reynolds from waivers, but I could drop him and snipe Baldwin for free.
Would you?

Other players that could be dropped (although maybe some dumb suggestions in here, so I added extra thoughts):
Golden Tate (?)
Royce Freeman (upside?)
Duke Johnson Jr. (nick chubb)
Chris Thompson (upside?)
Matt Breida (starting this week)
Kenyan Drake (starting this week)

This week is playoffs, round 1, and I am #1 seed, just bragging with that last part.

I would keep Reynolds.

I cut Baldwin earlier during the week…just got the report saying that Baldwin feels great so I’m trying to grab him again. I won’t get him. I have 5 dollars left in faab. I’m so annoyed.

Drop Golden Tate.

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Thanks for the advice! Had to act fast. It’s done. I don’t think I would ever start Tate RoS. Might roll out Baldwin this week. :point_up::point_up::point_up:

Yeah man, good luck.

Thanks, bud!