Baldwin/R. Freeman/Rudolph - Tate/Mixon

RB: L. Bell (O), D. Freeman (O), T. Coleman, R. Freeman, K. Johnson, Buck Allen

WR: D. Baldwin (O), R. Woods, C. Hogan, K. Cole, G. Allison, P. Dorsett, A. Callaway

So to start the season I thought I had 5 great RBs. Bell was a no show, Freeman and Baldwin got hurt, and all of a sudden my top 3 picks have combined for 8 points through 2 weeks, and thats not expected to change.

So here is my situation. I think R. Freeman needs to go. I can’t risk him going from bad to worse in the next couple of weeks and then having absolutely no trade value. I also need help at WR asap. I am about to offer Baldwin, R. Freeman, and K. Rudolph for G. Tate and Joe Mixon. Good trade? I think it’s fair. thoughts?

Also I’m going to grab Jesse james off of waivers and stash greg olson in my IR spot.

You can offer but I think it will be rejected