Baldwin Status and Value

Have Baldwin in a league and thinking about unloading him in a package deal. Who do you think is a good target for him? Looking at a team for the package and they have Fuller, Evans , and Keenan, would Fuller be too little and think I could get one of the other two instead?

If I could get Fuller for Baldwin, I’d take that trade so fast. I’m willing to take anyone for Baldwin. I don’t want to deal with his injury.

You have no chance of getting Evans and Keenan. And honestly, Fuller might just outproduce if he keeps going at this rate. People keep talking about how it’s unsustainable but he’s been doing the “unsustainable” for every single game he’s started with Watson. Dude is literally on pace for like 1300 yards and 26 TDs. Sure regression is coming but even if he regresses, 1000-1300 yards with double digit TDs is very much in play and that’s more than I can say for Baldwin.

Fuller has injury concerns too but at least we know when he plays, he’s a beast.

yeah I am with you there! Fuller has been killing it and its not like coverage is going to move that heavily from Hopkins. guy needs QB help he had Jimmy G, thinking of sending Wentz, Jamaal Williams, and Baldwin for Fuller, McCoy and Kittle. Think thats fair?

Too complicated. I like to keep things simple personally. Also, I don’t want to own McCoy. Williams is basically droppable to me IMO. I think Jones wins out that job.

I’d just try and keep it simple and get Fuller for like Baldwin + Williams if you want.

I don’t think you need to give up Wentz this early. Unless he’s literally not doing anything for you, then could maybe just do Baldwin + Wentz for Fuller + Kittle or something.