Baldwin - worried?

How worried should we be here?

I also had Hogan in the line up with Fournette so yeah… injury is unfortunate but Hogan, sane question I guess worried?

I’m personally pretty worried. I avoided Baldwin for the most part in all drafts except for 1 where he fell too much value.

sprained MCL. Suspect this is going to be an issue all season

It’s not the same leg, but yeah now he has an 85% knee and a sprained MCL on the other one.

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Yup. Donzo…lucky to get a 7th rounder for him now.

Yeah not looking good, had to take him at the value in the draft though.
A little of the week 1 tilt but how long are you holding him, 2 weeks or so to see what’s what or is he just going to the bench? It’s a 6 person bench so not tons of space

Allison looked pretty good tonight on 8 targets on my bench so I guess Baldwin will just go to the bench for now. I won’t put him in my lineup again until he’s shown me something. His goose egg negated me starting Conner more-or-less so now I am in a Monday night dog fight in my main local league to see if I can overcome the ARod heroics. Down 17 w/ Gurley & Tate versus Powell so it could go either way depending.

Yeah he might get promoted into Baldwin’s slot for a while. I had a stinker this week, Fournette, Hogan, Baldwin and the Saints D left me well beyond help, reloading for next week!

WR problems though Hogan, Gordon, Davis are the other guys and no one there really shined… I’ve got too many RBs so I’ll have to drop or trade but lots of WRs had good games so the value will be inflated right now

Lol? Down 17 with Gurley and Tate vs Powell is a lock. I wouldn’t call that a “Dog Fight”. I’m actually in a dog fight cause of Baldwin. Down 15 with Cooper and Kupp vs Lynch. I would love to be in your position.

The fact that he injured the other knee has me pretty worried. I think he might miss a few weeks, like 5+. Not dropping him though, just going to sit and wait.

Nothing is ever a ‘lock’. I mean there’s always a chance someone goes out and something happens. You never know. I’m still favored by about 10 if everyone hits projections. That’s closer than I want it to be. Yahoo projections are notoriously bad. Gurley is projected for like 25 and Powell for him only 9. I can see a situation where Gurley under performs and Darnold checks down the entire second half to Powell and he ends up going way over 9. I’ve seen games where Powell’s done just that. If I get a td between the two guys and they do what they should I think that will do it. Both Gurley & Tate have great matchups thankfully.

I call it a Dog Fight because it has been. He jumped out early Thursday on the back of Ajayi, I countered with Conner, but he had AB, who started slow but turned in a good performance as usual. I didn’t pull ahead again until the last interception by Denver as I had their Defense and Freeman getting a couple of good runs at the end when running clock. Then held it down for a half with thinking Rodgers was out for the rest of the game and then he came back with the 2nd half heroics to put his guys up 17. It’s not been a cake walk by any means.

I might not even be this close as I originally had Big Ben and Burkhead in before changing them out for Luck and Conner. Baldwin’s zero is what gives my opponent at least a chance as even a few points in that spot would probably have put him out of range of possibility.

And yes, I do worry too much ! :smile: