Ballage or Barber

PPR league - who would you rather have on your roster?

Ballage mia rb or Barber tb rb

thanks in advance

Any other options? You’re taking the lesser of two evils. I’d take Barber over Ballage though. Barber is on a better offense.

Barber. Better offense. Arians is more likely to utilize him better than how Ballage will be used in Miami.

I’m not sure I want a piece of this TB backfield at the moment.

Seeing the reports that Dare Ogunbowale is the better back all round. He got 10 snaps with firsts last night, Barber got 10 and Jones got 11.

No ones taken the job so this could be a complete mess. If Drake is out for week 1 or more I’d see what you have Ballage. You can always grab Dare for free of waivers at this stage