Ballers can’t agree on flex

Help please

Coleman if Freeman is out. 100%. Hogan and Burkhead are against Jacksonville and Burkhead may not play. Even if Freeman plays Coleman should see a larger workload because they likely wont want to overwork Devonta and Coleman is good enough to get the job done.

I think it’s Coleman actually, even if Freeman isn’t out.

Where did you go to use this?

I think Hogan is going to have a big game… But if freeman is out i would start Coleman. Burkhead seems to be injured and Michel seems to be back so I would stay away from him.

Hard for me to see Hogan having a big game against Jacksonville

It’s hard for me to see any non-Gronk Pat’s having a big game but inevitably someone is going to score. Somehow the Pat’s will score atleast 21 points. Good luck guessing who though.

I think Ramsey will be matched on Gronk for a lot of this game and NE looks for the best available so i think we will see a deep TD to Hogan.

But again I could be wrong

It’s definitely possible. It’s just tough to bank on anyone this week. Also gronk is better than Ramsey, just because Ramsey talks a big game doesn’t make him better than the best player to ever play his position (gronk).

Yea I agree i just think hogan will be overlooked by the Jags due to the big trash talking from Ramsey… But i have to agree Coleman is the safer play