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Ballers rankings, who do you use


In my dynasty league this question came up. Which of the ballers rankings do you use more Andy, Mike, or Jason? So far answers are mixed but curious to hear what everyone thinks.


im a solid mix of mike and jason. nothin against andy, i just tend toward their style more. jasons my boy though.


Jason is in my opinion the more accurate of the 3, I won my standard league taking decisions (not always on purpose) almost following straight Jason’s points of view.


Your avatar suggests that Jason is your boy ha


I use a mix of all three. But I tend to use Jason’s the most. His rankings and strategy most align with my own.


Well he is my big panda bear haha


Ultimately making use of their rankings is a confidence thing for me, so I sorta us a mix of all three. Unless it’s with regards to snacks. Then I pretty much only listen to Jason.

Hearing what they say during the show helps inform that. Often their discussions will flesh out why one of their ranking’s skews so far from the rest. If their rationale makes the most sense or is something I’m also willing to plant a flag on, then I’ll go their route. …because ultimately rankings are a “best bet / best guess” right? Which is why I so avidly devour the UDK as my drafts approach. Oh, I love me some UDK.


Agreed. Mostly because jason knows his snacks. Its why i love the concencous ratings so much. Its the best of all the worlds. Its especially fun to get into the 150 area and see the differences in opinion.


I’m in.



Really hard to say…I don’t have a clear favorite.


I was using a mix of all 3, then hoping they matched my own opinions.


I approve of all the above opinions. :wink: