Ballers Startup Dynasty League - Sleeper/Leaguesafe

Starting a dynasty league - $50 per year 12 man Superflex league, full point PPR, 6 pt passing TDs. QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/FLEX/Superflex starting lineup. Deep benches with a taxi squad and No D or Kicker. We’ll have everyone pay for 2021 and 2022 up front through LeagueSafe, then we will begin the draft as soon as possible. We will draft kickers as placeholders for Rookie Picks - first kicker selected is 1.01, second is 1.02, etc. Any other questions just ask!

Leave your sleeper name down below and I’ll invite you

My dynasty cart is full. But I recommend creating bylaws as soon as you can. They are crucial to a healthy league.

Here’s to years of cheers and tears!

Yessir I have bylaws written and will post em in the league chat! Cheers sir

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I’m interested. Jpom on Sleeper.

So whoever drafts the first kicker gets the 1.01 rookie pick? And once the first round for rookie picks is set, do we draft another kicker for the 2.01 and so on? Just curious

I am interested. Sleeper name is ICEWALKER



Yo Yo Yo baller! Is there a spot still open??

I’m interested if there are still openings available


Hey I’m interested if you still have room. sleepername: justinla

I’m dying to get into a dynasty start up league this year! Sleeper name: JustPhinBaby

Gonna invite everyone who commented on here to a league!

Also for some reason I can’t post a new topic, but looking to fill this league. Lot of spots available so just respond to this with your Sleeper name and I’ll invite you

@doug172464 drop your sleeper name here I’ll invite you to a startup

I’m interested in joining if there are still spots open. Shoot me an invite on sleeper at @stuffedshirt412.



Just sent you an invite man

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Shoot me your sleeper name and I’ll invite you

Shoot me your sleeper name and I’ll send you an invite

Yessir thats exactly right. Comment back your sleeper name if you want an invite