Ballers Style Keeper Bylaws

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I tried to find some bylaws to reflect the Fantasy Footballers keeper league and didn’t find anything helpful other than the basic gist. So I created some bylaws/ constitution to share. Please note that the parts about scheduling, playoffs, league theme, and trades may not be something your interested in. I’m nothing like a professional or paralegal so it may not be perfect.

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Ballers Style Keeper League, 2021 Season

Last Updated 8/22/2021

Please read and re-read the bylaws below.

The purpose of these bylaws is to (1) ensure a fair and fun league for all owners, (2) ensure the long term viability of the league. If a rule is not explicitly stated, the Commissioner, Co-commissioner, and Executive Council will be responsible for interpreting these criteria and new rules will be voted on and subsequently documented in these bylaws. If this document disagrees with league site settings, site settings will prevail until corrected.

League Basics

  • Format: Derivation of straight up keeper league

  • 14 roster spots

  • 9 offensive starters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex WR/RB/TE, 1 DEF

  • 5 bench spots

  • 2 IR spots (player must be designated as OUT or IR for the week to qualify)

  • Scoring is 0.5 point PPR, 0.1 PPC based with full details available on Sleeper

  • Annual Snake draft

  • Waivers are processed daily at 9AM PST , with the exception of Tuesday

  • Waivers are processed based on a FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) system with every team having $100 to start the season.

League Governance

  • The Commissioner and Co-Commissioner will act in good faith and at all times in the best interest of the league to maintain a fun, fair, and competitive environment.

  • The commissioner explicitly shall not make executive decisions that alter what is set in the bylaws for league scoring setting or roster settings (unless publicly determined prior to the start of games i.e. COVID replacement players).

  • The commissioner shall be empowered to complete the following: Set lineups & perform team/roster moves for owners by request (in case of emergency, subject to the commissioners’ availability), finalize & update league calendar dates & times, and investigate inactivity, rules violations, & owner misconduct to be reviewed by the Executive Counsel.

  • The league will have an Executive Counsel consisting of a Commissioner, Co-Commissioner (to act as outlined above in the stead of the Commissioner), and Executive Counsel member(s), the latter being a third member of the league to provide additional feedback.

  • In the event that a ruling is to be made regarding a member or members involved in the Executive Counsel, an additional league member may be consulted to provide feedback.

  • In the rare instance that a situation arises which is not covered by the league bylaws (this document), the commissioner reserves the right to rule on the issue in the best interests of the league.

Owner Conduct and Responsibility

  • Owners are responsible for knowing and following the rules and deadlines set out in these bylaws.
  • Owners are responsible for participating in all required league functions and activities, whether they occur during the season or the offseason.
  • Owners are responsible for responding to emails and private messages from the Commissioner, Executive Council, and other league members in a timely manner.
  • Owners are expected to set a competitive starting line up
  • Owners are expected to choose a team name that follows suit with the yearly theme of the league prior to the start of the annual draft.
  • Owners wishing to leave the league should do so in a timely manner. Ideally, this would take place following the season and at least a week prior to the NFL draft. The Commissioner will be responsible for locating a replacement owner.
  • Owners are to conduct themselves in a manner that is not detrimental to the league.


  • 12 teams in 1 division playing a 14 game schedule with 3 weeks of playoffs.

  • The first 12 weeks you will play every other team once and one team twice

  • Week 13 is “You earned it week”: 1st place vs. 12th, 2 vs. 11, etc.

  • Week 14 is “Moving week”: 1st place vs. 2nd, 3rd vs. 4th, etc.

  • 6 teams make the playoffs with 3 weeks of games

  • Top 4 seeds are determined by record (top 2 receive a round 1 bye), season points scored is the tiebreaker

  • Seed 5 will be given to the team of the remaining 8 with the most points scored on the season. Seed 6 will be given to the team of the remaining 8 with the second most points scored on the season

  • Top 2 seeds will have a bye Week 15. Seed 3 will play Seed 6. Seed 4 will play seed 5.

  • Consolation bracket for the remaining 6 teams to determine draft order the following season

  • The league winner gets to choose the theme of the league (league photo and theme of team names, ratified by the Commissioner) for the subsequent season effective July 1st.


  • Start up draft order determined by randomizer on

  • Yearly draft will take place in late August

  • Yearly draft pick order is determined based on previous year’s results in the following order:

  • Consolation bracket winner gets to choose their draft slot first (can pick the 1st overall pick, but may opt for any draft pick they want. This choice would move the affected draft slots up one slot.)

  • Consolation bracket 2nd place

  • Consolation bracket 3rd place

  • Consolation bracket 4th place

  • Consolation bracket 5th place

  • Consolation bracket 6th place

  • Championship bracket 5th place

  • Championship bracket 6th place

  • Championship bracket 4th place

  • Championship bracket 3rd place

  • Championship bracket 2nd place

  • Championship bracket 1st place

Roster Construction

  • 14 round snake start up draft, with 11 round draft for subsequent drafts, 3 keepers yearly (1 franchise player; 2 of the 3 keepers determined by lottery)

  • Each manager can select one franchise player. The manager is guaranteed to keep this player.

  • Each manager selects three additional keeper options, which go into a lottery system. These three keepers CANNOT match the position of the franchise player.

  • One of the three keeper options is randomly selected for each team. This player then gets spit back into the pool of draftable players. This will take place with at least three witnesses sometime following the completion of the NFL draft, prior to June 1.

  • Each team enters the fantasy draft with a total of three keepers.

  • Players may be kept for a maximum of three consecutive years by one team.

  • Keeper deadline: Keepers must be submitted before the final pick of the NFL draft.

  • The Monday following the keeper lottery, a player that has been declared a keeper is a tradable commodity.

  • Sleeper (the hosting site) allows trades during the draft, which will be processed according to the normal trade rules. Current year draft picks are tradable, but following year draft picks are not tradable until the conclusion of the draft.


  • Trading is allowed after the commencement of the league year (July 1)
  • Trading of the following season’s draft picks is allowed after the conclusion of the annual draft
  • Draft pick trading must be done on a 1 for 1 basis
  • Trades will only be vetoed if they are determined to be obvious collusion or if in the commissioner’s judgement it would compromise the integrity of the league (typically due to a trade being conducted to try and circumvent other league rules)
  • The trade deadline is after the 11th week of the season

Again, the purpose of this league is to have fun, so keep it fun!