Baltimore D/ST, Ajayi, or Algholor?

Okay footclan, I need you help.

A player in my league dropped the Baltimore D/ST this week like it’s hot.

I already have Patriots D/ST and the Eagles D/ST. I don’t want someone else to grab the Ravens and play them against me this week. Is it forgivable to drop Jay Ajayi or Nelson Algholor for them? It’s the first week of the playoffs, 0.5 ppr. My league is pretty shallow so I most likely won’t play either of those guys. Here’s my roster:

  • QB: Alex Smith, Cam Newton
  • RB: Kareem Hunt, Devonta Freeman, Alvin Kamara, Demarco Murray, Jay AJayi
  • WR: AJ Green, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Michael Crabtree, Marvin Jones, Jordy Nelson, Nelson Algholor
  • TE: Jimmy Graham

I think I would drop the Eagles D/ST for the Ravens D/ST. But if you don’t want to do that I think I would drop Ajayi over Algholor.


Yea I like the idea of not dropping the Eagles D so you don’t have to play against them next week. I would drop Ajayi for them I think. Ajayi hasn’t been well, and could actually be a land mine for someone else.

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You gotta grab the Ravens D as the play Cleveland next week… 3 defenses is a lot though and you are already set at RB… Ajayi is someone who will 100% be picked up in your league. So if you are fine losing him then go and get those birds!

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Thank you all for your help! Your advice is really helpful. :slight_smile: Good luck in the playoffs