Banged-up D.Adams (with Slay on him) or C. Thompson?

I’m torn on this one. The Sit/Start tool (which I put little faith in) had all 3 of the Ballers going with Adams.

I hate having guys in MNF games but Thompson looks like an amazing play with AP a little banged up but mostly the game script suggesting WASH will be down early and by multiple scores.

Could really use some insights here. Thx bros.

Can’t really help you…BUT I’m playing Thompson over people like D Thomas. Best advice I can offer…sorry

appreciate your comment nonetheless. I don’t know what to do here and I expect most people here won’t know what to do either. For what it’s worth, I like C. Thompson WAY more that D. Thomas. I actually think D. Thomas should be dropped; he’s not the same guy he was. So you are making the right decision, clearly.