Banking on Zeke?

Anyone banking on trading for Zeke right now since his price is going to be lower due to the news of Jones expecting him to miss a few games?

I have CMC, Dalvin, Damien Williams, Fournette, and Miles Sanders? Would you risk trading Williams and/or Fournette for them?

I would. Zekes talent is unquestionable. Jones postered his way into moving Zekes position lower than it should be. The risk would be can you survive the first 6 weeks. With CMC and Cook you’ll have no problem. Then imagine putting Zeke into the equation. I would make a move on Zeke.

Personally I think he’ll be hard to trade for still. I think his owners will want similar to the price paid and nobody wants to give them that.

If you can get a trade then you’re in great shape but I think it will be rare that zeke owners panic enough and aren’t too stubborn to trade him at a huge loss.

If you can get him for that cheap i’d say absolutely. Just like @brennan_andreas said, you have the depth to survive until Zeke comes back. I don’t think anyone who drafted Zeke will sell him for that cheap though, they had an idea of the risk when they drafted them so they should know their best bet is to hang tight or potentially trade (and overpay) for Pollard, rather than move Zeke for less than he’s worth.