Anyone have a strong preference for Barber vs. Smith vs. Mack? Seems like these are the most widely-available guys on waivers this week. Seems like people are leaning Ito?

Mack and Barber will be higher usage than Smith. Smith highest Td upside. Mack highest ceiling of the three but Barber might just be on the rise a bit with Jameis taking over.

Give me smith above barber and mack.

I’ll take 50% of a good offense over 65-70% of a bad offense/run game every day. Especially when that 50% is leading in the red zone.

Awesome, good advice thank you. Would you drop Royce Freeman for all of these guys?

I would drop freeman for Smith. Probably not for barber.

Mack is a close one. Tough call cause all you have is a 1 game sample there for a dude who has a hamstring injury.