Bare to the bone...RB in PPR

So I had Watson and when he went down I had to trade 1 out of the 3 RB that aren’t on a bye this week for Alex Smith. My only backs left that I can play are Hunt and Ajayi.

Hunt is starting.

Ajayi has been sub-par this year and has only been on the Eagles for less than a week and they play the Broncos. His output this week seems very low.

With all the injuries this year the FA RB is very poor so I am turning to this forum for help.

Options available are:
-Eddie Lacy (I feel dirty listing him on this)
-Miami’s RB either Drake or Williams
-Frank Gore
-Derrick Henry behind a rested Demarco Murray

Any thoughts are appreciated!!

Of the lost I’d go Frank gore but who would you have to drop for him? As if it’s valuable then I’d roll out ajayi. What’s your record. How bad do you need the win?

Go with Gore-

If you’re already down maybe from thursday go for the home run or if you’re a big underdog. By home run i mean drake or williams preferably drake ceiling’s higher for those guys over the others. If not safest play is Gore

All risky options. I don’t think Ajayi is even going to play much at all this week. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but the last I heard he wasn’t going to get a lot of work. I’d fire up Drake. Some high risk high reward there. Gore isn’t a horrible option either.

I don’t have to drop any one. I am tied for 1st at 6-2 but I am playing the guy I’m tied with. I haven’t had anyone play yet

Ivory or yeldon?

I had two open spots and decided to pick up both of them. Fournette is out not injury related