Barkely/Kamara with Thielen or Allen/Thomas with Freeman PPR

So 8 Team PPR league with keepers. I can choose my draft spot first so I can go first or second. I have as keepers:

M. Gordon
D. Cook
D. Freeman.

I can draft anywhere. So do I stay as is, and grab M Thomas or Allen OR, I have a trade on the table for Freeman for Thielen straight up. Then I can go first overall and take Kamara or Barkley, or second and take what drops. I also have a second pick in the second.

What would you do? I feel like having Gordon, Cook and Kamara or Barkley sets me up for years and just means I draft WR’s off the board.

Considering your depth and draft position, I’d go for that trade. But first, see if they’ll throw someone else in along with Thielen. A top RB is just too valuable, you’ve got the bargaining power here. Or you can always trade back and target one of those receivers.